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SCMP STYLE Magazine Hong Kong July 2017

SCMP Post Magazine Hong Kong May 2016

PRC Magazine Architects’ Visions in PRC – the art of hand sketching Feb 2012

C3 Magazine Sept. 2010 No.313 Pag.090 Arup Form and Algorithm_Advanced Geometry Unit 2010

AFS Website Launch 2008

Espacios, AAVV-LOFT Publicaciones, Via Laietana, Barcelona-Spain 2008

Nuevos interiores. 40 viviendas espectaculares, Anja Llorella Oriol - Gustavo.Gili GG Publication, Barcelona-Spain 2007

DIVISARE JOURNAL Online Magazine 2006

Student Residence, Proyecto Contract-Casa Viva Magazine N32, Spain 2006

New design of Benicarlo waterfront in Azulejos Magazine, Tarragona-Spain 2005

DIVISARE JOURNAL Online Magazine 2001

MTV Interview on Renzo Piano Award, Milan 2000

Renzo Piano Award in Abitare Magazine, Milan April 2000

Architettura Liquida - Renzo Piano Award in IlSole24Ore Newspaper, Milan 2000