Corporate Lobby Lounge


Total Floor Area



Hong Kong

32000 sqf

2014 with WB Asia 

Hotel Lobby (image courtesy of Woods Bagot)

Renowned for its unmatched views of Victoria Harbour and the city's renowned skyline, the Lobby Lounge celebrated venue offers an extraordinary vantage point. Its wrap-around, expansive plate glass windows and panoramic harbour views have made this "the place to see and be seen" for over three decades.

The new design, material and colour selections are inspired by the hotel's unique location on Victoria Harbour. Key design elements are interpretations of the movement on the harbour with its horizontal wave formations and a theme of vertical patterns reflecting the Hong Kong skyline.

Reminiscent of sunset on Victoria Harbour, bronze, gold, champagne and silver shades have been used to create a warm, rich and luxurious interior. Flowing forms in the dark orange, champagne, silver grey and purple customized Brintons carpet design represent the subtle wavy contoured patterns on the harbour, creating a textural, three-dimensional effect. A wave pattern forms the outline of the curved banquettes, with cosy seating areas exuding understated luxury within a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Fabrics in natural and aubergine shades with wavy patterns reflect the natural light, adding warmth to the space in the evening. Golden "c" shaped lamps resemble large wave-like forms while accessorising the space.

The vertical concept inspired by the Hong Kong skyline incorporates champagne gold polished metal for the Lobby's wall detailing, set against Satin Walnut walls, with an angled and pleated bronze hairline metal "skirting feature" at the base of the island reception and Concierge counters. These metallic finishes reflect the outdoor light, thus illuminating the Lobby and broadening the view.

Table tops nearest the expansive windows are made of Champagne-coloured textured glass with copper metal frames, reflecting the light from the harbour and adding a three-dimensional element. Round table tops with geometric copper bases are made of ink stone, which is used to make traditional Chinese ink wells, add an authentic Asian touch.