xSxMxL Mobile Hotel


Total Floor Area



Barcelona (National Business Scale)

5000 sqf



AfsAgency was appointed by Catalan Developers - Promobuilding Spa - for shaping an innovative hospitality project with business model was focusing on national and then global scale. 

The design approach is meant to be "a conversion of a joint-venture into a Brand-Architecture” by means of using different sizes: xS, xM, xL. The concept is no longer developed within the traditional boundary of architecture, but rather merging functionality into visual appealing, converting the envelope into a pure marketing social objects and the customer experience into a new way of relaxation.

The product is smartly designed on principles of modularity, prefabrication, dry assembly components offering cutting-edge design and high-quality finishes. This win-win formula allowed the xSxMxL structural and interior system to achieve a 360 degrees flexibility respect each other and at the same time to adapt any shape to any environment and site within several project configurations.

For the concept and development project phase, AfsAgency engaged a conglomerate of prestigious companies such as BOMA Engineering, Grupo JG, Rodeca, Cricursa, Corian.

The prototype was presented at the International Building Fair CONSTRUMAT 2011, Barcelona Spain.